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It is based on the application of special pressures and massages on the foot and in the back of the legs. Because there are 7,200 nerve ends, these specific pressures cause a "reflex" stimulus at each point and body organ separately, resulting in the stimulation of the nervous and defense system of the body.Reflexology is a natural, holistic, harmless method, based on the presence of reflex points on the feet and palms.

According to the relevant European Commission resolutions, it is considered a supplementary treatment.

What happens during the session?

The sensation varies according to the person, the sensitivity and the intensity of his/her problems. But it is commonly accepted that after a Reflexology session people feel calmness, deep relaxation and a sense of euphoria. After the session the individual can walk barefoot and thus continue the treatment himself / herself.


"The physical forces in us are the real healers of the disease."


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