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About Nature

The energy is the same everywhere, either in the form of macro-waves, microwaves, liquids, solids, motion, solidity, or human intent and action. Its pursuit, capture and control have promoted material goods and suffering to mankind by promoting us from a physical energy regime to a system in which, because of the tools of technology and their constant feeding, we operate as little Gods, managing our waste, our environment while trying to satisfy our whims.


In order to achieve our sustainability and that of the nature that surrounds us, and thus the energy of love around us can continue to flow unhindered, we must, through our intellect, grace and determination, choose to direct this power of the universe to the benefit of that purpose.

Solar radiation heats, burns, immobilizes, creates and keeps us healthy by helping our body produce vitamin D. Our nutrition depends on the sun. So if mankind chooses to continue to exist then sustainable development and sustainable cultivation is a one-way street.

The work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, in his book, "Hidden Water Messages," showed that water molecules surrounded by the energy of love are freezing in the form of bright, complex and colorful crystalline designs. Conversely, water exposed to negative thoughts forms incomplete, asymmetric motifs with less coherent properties.

The findings of Dr. Emoto have changed the way in which science studies energy and has profound implications for the power of our love energy to heal our body and soul.

This is a good example that shows us that when we focus on our own energy of love and positive energy frequencies, our body cells can actually become more coherent, organized and operate with greater harmony and balance. In this way we literally have the power to change our emotional and mental state by treating our body’s disharmony, ie. illness (dis-ease = disharmony = illness).

"The energy of the mind is the essence of life"


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